Regardless of your needs, we are here to assist in any of your projects.
We can provide manufacturing capabilities, sourcing and design.
Please contact us for further information.
Custom Designs
Please feel free to e-mail us with feedback, comments and requests.
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NVD combines it's broad supply network to source various LCD products with innovative concepts and experience in order to offer you a broad range of LCD solutions. These solutions can be tailored to your needs. With or without touchscreens. Open frame or custom enclosure- your needs make the sky the limit.
Open Frame- professional LCD's
We offer a broad range of open frame crt based video displays. Most of this is tailored to the arcade industry, but we are working towards gaming as well as other applcations such as Industrial, Process Control, Kiosk etc.
If you do not see it here please ask.
Open frame CRT based product
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Nieman Video Displays- NVD
1023 Rife Rd Un 10 Cambridge, ON, Canada N1R5S3
Ph 519-621-1722, Fax 519-621-1264 TF 866-747-4002
Board Repair and Technical Support
NVD offers repair services for all of our products. Contact us direct or through your distributor for in or out of warranty repairs. We boast a normal repair time of same day as receipt followed by a 24 hour burn in and courier return. We also offer repairs and replacement boards for our competion's - Pentranic,Makvision, Wells Gardner, Kortek, Neotec, Sharp Image- Call for details.
CRT Based Products
Tri Mode
Digital VGA SVGA
Standard (CGA) Res
Custom Products
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Pin Ball 2000 LCD Kit