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Product Warranty and RMA Policy:.

NVD products come with a 1 year limited parts and labour warranty. In order to arrange in warranty service, please click on the RMA ICON below to download our RMA form.
Please complete this form as instructed.
Warranty repairs are generaly repaired same day as received at the factory or service depot, burnt in 24 hours and returned. This applies with boards being returned to the factory.
You are responsible for return freight charges and any customs clearance charges.
Modified or damaged boards will result in void warranty.
You may excercise your warranty repair with your distributor, an authorized service depot or with the factory direct.
NOTE: This warranty period applies to displays sold by the factory and our authorized distributors only!!
Warranty is non-transferable. Displays that have been purchased installed in games or other equipment by a manufactuer are not covered by this warranty. You must contact the manufacturer or distributor where the equipment was purchased as their warranty supescedes
Click here for your RMA Form.
Warranty /RMA